The Bridg Group of Companies aspires to be a leader and visionary in the financial industry.  Our commitment is to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence in their financial future by offering expert advice and information to meet their specific goals. As the “Home of All Your Financial Needs”, we strive to continuously improve our exceptional array of products and services by recognizing the diverse needs of our clients and our society. We willingly embrace and exercise our corporate responsibility by giving back through community outreach as an advocate of financial freedom for everyone. We not only provide professional knowledge and strategies to our clients and our community, we also provide our time and resources to the betterment of us all.   Every day, we deliver on our principles of Transparency, Full Disclosure, Confidentiality and Competitive Edge to ensure our clients receive the best value while building strong relationships. We will always provide unparalleled service with a full scope of information and solutions in a timely manner and we will always promote learning to ensure


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Providing Canadians with the Freedom to Invest in Confidence since 2003.

Disclaimers: I. Qualified Investors Only. This is not an offer to sell securities. 2. Interest rate calculated on an annual basis. 3. All Registered Investments are Tax Deferred and all Non-Registered Investments may be subject to tax. 4. Minimum deposit of $10,000 required for new investors only (YIP plan excluded) 5. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed. 6. Historic returns are not an indication of future earnings. 7. All Mortgages are closed through Natasha Bridgmohan, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence, and FSCO Lic # 10428. 8. Licensed agents/brokers close all transactions. 9. BMIC advises potential investors to read all informational materials carefully before investing and suggest obtaining independent legal advice.

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