Mortgages offer competitive high investment returns by minimizing your risk and optimizing your returns all at the same time. As a group of investors you are investing under an umbrella of properties to reduce and eliminate individual investment risks. This type of investments offers regular income at a fixed interest rate, and is paid out as dividends to all investors on a yearly basis or rolled into their investment portfolio based on each investor’s investment plan. All mortgages are registered against each property title as a secured investment. The legal obligations of the borrower (mortgagor) and the legal remedies of the lender (mortgagee) are prescribed by law. Mortgage investments have been proven to be a safe and secure way of investing in the real estate market. Investing in mortgages solely can have many risks involved particularly in the case of a borrower defaulting or changes in the real estate market. A single investor may not be experienced in legal remedies, dealing with mortgage defaults and quick exit strategies. Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC’s) provide a very attractive real estate portfolio for those investors who wish to gain competitive returns from their investments, but who lack the knowledge, expertise, and time or investment capital required. Investing in a mortgage fund can allow investors to earn income without any interruptions. Interested investors can contact BMIC for more information, including a comprehensive investor information package.


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Disclaimers: I. Qualified Investors Only. This is not an offer to sell securities. 2. Interest rate calculated on an annual basis. 3. All Registered Investments are Tax Deferred and all Non-Registered Investment may be subject to tax. 4. Minimum deposit of $10,000 required for new investors only (YIP plan excluded) 5. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed. 6. Historic returns are not an indication of future earnings. 7. All Mortgages are closed through Natasha Bridgmohan, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence, and FSCO Lic # 10428. 8. Licensed agents/brokers close all transactions. 9. Referral Fees are subject to change without notice. Rates are based on licensed/non-licensed professionals. 10. BMIC advises potential investors to read all informational material carefully before investing and suggest obtaining independent legal advice.

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