As your ideal team, we pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations and upholding a strict sense of professionalism with all parties we deal with, as we are the ‘home of all your financial needs’ and respect your desire to ‘”Invest with Confidence”  

Glenn Bridgmohan, Vice President

With a strong background in finance, information technology and property management, Glenn is well suited for his position as Vice-President, where he directly manages the Real Estate Acquisition, Development and Constriction division.

Glenn is also actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations at The Bridg Group of Companies where he oversees all employees, ensuring continuous growth in a cooperative, team environment. Additionally, Glenn runs our IT Department, by utilizing his hands on knowledge to ensure the highest security measures are enforced company-wide. Academic credentials include a diploma in International Business Administration, Qualified Home Inspector and numerous Telecommunication Certificates. In the real estate division, Glenn holds a pivotal role and draws on a wealth of experience and qualifications including his knowledge in underwriting and negotiations. Through extensive market research and detailed inspections, Glenn ensures that the demographics remain favourable and neighbourhoods are attractive and thriving for all investors.  

Investment Administrator

Our Investment Administrator is a very bright and detail oriented individual who maintains a high degree of compliance with each file, by ensuring all the details for each investment are substantiated, thus meeting all required guidelines. The Investment Administrator is very knowledgeable on BMIC’s plans, thus sustaining a positive experience with our existing investors and new investors by providing quick turn around with any inquiries. Each investor file is maintained with the strictest of confidences, as the Investment Administrator is meticulous in facilitating each investment transaction with due diligence, while upholding a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Our Investment Administrator uploads quarterly and annual statements in a timely manner to investors and provides expedient reporting to all parties required.  

Manager of Operations

Our Manager of Operations is extremely keen on maintaining an environment, where each team member strives to achieve exceptional customer service and compliance for each division under the Bridg Group of Companies. This department is an advocate in increasing efficiencies and productivity by promoting continuing education and training, thus allowing for excellent team members to facilitate your investment needs. Our Manager of Operations has the knowledge and confidence to manage the day to day tasks and responsibilities of a unique financial services provider and ensure our investors’ needs are met with incomparable value.

Business Development Manager

With a background in both real estate and financial portfolio management, our BDM is well-positioned to serve our Investors with a unique insight and perspective. Our BDM is a consummate professional with high attention to detail, who maintains an “Investors come first” attitude. Our BDM not only shares their enthusiasm for sound investing with others, but is also an active investor, managing a diversified and growing portfolio. As Business Development Manager for the Bridg Group of Companies, they work closely with our entire team of Referral Partners, Underwriters and Administrators, ensuring they have all the resources and tools to confidently and professionally represent our line of leading-edge investment products.  

Mortgage Underwriters

Our underwriters are well-versed in the financial arena and bring extensive industry knowledge, number crunching expertise and positive energy to our growing team. The team recognizes the importance of building solid relationships first and foremost and in strengthening those connections at every opportunity. Each underwriter has extensive knowledge in reviewing perceptive risk factors that would allow us the confidence in meeting the lending criteria for each mortgage deal, by taking the due diligence necessary to satisfy and optimize the return on investment for each deal. With years of practical industry experience, our underwriters understand the financial services industry and ensure that our leading Underwriting Division remains strong, compliant, transparent and efficient. This kind of expertise, service and attention to detail allows investors to invest with confidence, knowing that both their investment and the real estate behind it are secured through an absolute adherence to strict underwriting guidelines.

Finance Administrator

Our Finance Administrator is dedicated to customer service and handles all the organization’s financials – including day to day banking, reports and record-keeping and delivers with a high degree of efficiency, transparency and professionalism. With a strong sense of integrity to our company, the Finance Administrator employs knowledge, skills and client services expertise in many ways. Our Finance Administrator is attentive to detail and also monitors and documents investment performances to ensure our Investors financial transactions are completed in a timely manner. Referral Partners Our team of Referral Partners are enthusiastic individuals with the highest of integrity and moral character. They maintain a high level of professionalism which encompasses their respect for our clients, our company values and themselves. Our trustworthy and honourable team maintains the strictest of confidentiality with each investor, who utilizes their investment knowledge and enhanced personal skills to alleviate any concerns that may arise, at each stage of the investment process. Our referral partners are service oriented and motivated by the changes they can foster to each investor’s future financial security and are fully qualified and licensed professionals.


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Disclaimers: I. Qualified Investors Only. This is not an offer to sell securities. 2. Interest rate calculated on an annual basis. 3. All Registered Investments are Tax Deferred and all Non-Registered Investments may be subject to tax. 4. Minimum deposit of $10,000 required for new investors only (YIP plan excluded) 5. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed. 6. Historic returns are not an indication of future earnings. 7. All Mortgages are closed through Natasha Bridgmohan, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence, and FSCO Lic # 10428. 8. Licensed agents/brokers close all transactions. 9. BMIC advises potential investors to read all informational materials carefully before investing and suggest obtaining independent legal advice.

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