The BMIC Advantage – What makes BMIC your optimal choice?

We’re investors too. Senior management is essentially in the same position as our investors: we only profit when our shareholders do. So we pay attention to detail, serve with integrity and stand by our commitment to achieve high returns without compromise. It’s a winning formula that works and it’s what attracts a wide range of investors to BMIC.

Our commitment to Customer Service allows us to lead the market and outrank all of our competitors because we simply put our client’s needs first. Our targeted approach to Real Estate Investing ensures strong and steady gains from a stable market with consistent growth. Bridg Mortgage Investment Corporation provides each of its investors a convenient and effortless investment vehicle. We are committed and responsible for all aspects of the Company’s operations, from: sourcing the mortgages, to making the lending decisions, to negotiating the most favourable interest rate and terms and conditions possible, to instructing and interfacing with lawyers, to administering the mortgage portfolio. Hence, all of this contributes to each investor feeling confident that their hard earned money will let them achieve financial freedom faster than they ever imagined.

Solid performance and peace of mind – that’s what you get from BMIC and TBGOC. Our team of skilled and service-oriented professionals work hard every day to ensure your financial well-being. A customized investment plan that reflects your individual goals and circumstances sets you up and sends you on your way to a sound financial future for you and your family. We’ll help you build wealth steadily. Our disciplined investment approach can give you returns anywhere from 7% to 9% returns, as you get on with living your life, without the volatility of typical market investing. Preservation of capital remains the cornerstone of our management philosophy and it’s fundamental to our success. We will never compromise capital preservation in favour of potential returns. With professional “hands-on” management, solid earnings growth and superb overall value, you’ll have everything necessary to insulate your wealth as it continues to grow in the years ahead.

Successful Investing isn’t just about numbers – it’s about having the right people. We’re here to serve people like you, the way you deserve to be served. That’s why we’ve invested in a diverse team of skilled, knowledgeable and helpful experts in every relevant areas including: Investment Planning, Registered and Non-registered Investments, Mortgage Lending and Underwriting, Insurance, Accounting, Property Management and more. Contact us today for more information and learn to Invest with Confidence at BMIC!


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Providing Canadians with the Freedom to Invest in Confidence since 2003.

Disclaimers: I. Qualified Investors Only. This is not an offer to sell securities. 2. Interest rate calculated on an annual basis. 3. All Registered Investments are Tax Deferred and all Non-Registered Investment may be subject to tax. 4. Minimum deposit of $10,000 required for new investors only (YIP plan excluded) 5. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed. 6. Historic returns are not an indication of future earnings. 7. All Mortgages are closed through Natasha Bridgmohan, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence, and FSCO Lic # 10428. 8. Licensed agents/brokers close all transactions. 9. Referral Fees are subject to change without notice. Rates are based on licensed/non-licensed professionals. 10. BMIC advises potential investors to read all informational material carefully before investing and suggest obtaining independent legal advice.

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